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Issue Date Article
Jun 12, 2008 Living history
Jun 05, 2008 And the winner is ...
The Sun reports on June 3 ballot results from the floor of local election night parties
May 29, 2008 Foodie economics
Local restaurateurs lament the high cost of making meals these days, and food experts aren't predicting a rosy future for dining out
May 20, 2008 Familiar faces, old and new
A former arts grant recipient tracks down others like him
May 15, 2008 Do what you love, love what you do
Local artists find success in their crafts
May 08, 2008 The few, the proud, the college athletes
At the top of their athletic class, some local athletes are moving on to bigger and better things
Apr 30, 2008 Concrete numbers
A recent study warns against the vanishing ag industry in Santa Barbara County, and provides suggestions for keeping crops viable
Apr 23, 2008 Facing the future
County organizations work together in new ways to help locals living with HIV and AIDS
Apr 16, 2008 See you next year?
Looming budget cuts prompted a round of pink slips in Northern Santa Barbara County schools, worrying teachers at the bottom of the ladder
Apr 08, 2008 Tempting fate
Gaps in a system intended to keep guns out of the wrong hands have led to tragedies around the state and country
Apr 02, 2008 The drive for commuting
Take a round trip with locals who work in Santa Barbara and Goleta
Mar 26, 2008 Vets for truth
This time, these local vets are fighting for better treatment
Mar 19, 2008 Grab some ink
Tattoo is becoming a lot less taboo
Mar 12, 2008 Native truth
Discovery of an ancient Chumash artifact sheds light on the tribe's complex history
Mar 05, 2008 Rocket science, then and now
Engineers who developed the Atlas missile reflect on launching satellites, practical jokes, and wildlife on base
Feb 27, 2008 Where is Guadalupe going?
The Central Coast city is growing--find out where, when, how, and why
Feb 20, 2008 Santa Maria fights gangs at their roots
Local groups battle to save the city's most vulnerable members from gang influence
Feb 14, 2008 'The new face of politics'
As the third woman ever elected to Santa Maria's City Council, Hilda Zacarias spreads community spirit, one person at a time
Feb 06, 2008 The farmers and the feds
Immigrant strawberry farmers find a powerful ally in a federal agency with Dust Bowl roots
Jan 30, 2008 When the rains are not enough
In a region where scientists are projecting a coming permanent drought, how do we meet the demand for dwindling water resources?
Jan 23, 2008 Greka on the hot seat
Back-to-back oil spills have inspired local, state, and federal attention to Greka Energy's record
Jan 16, 2008 It's the early vote that counts
California moves up its primary now it's up to us to make a difference
Jan 09, 2008 The new team in town
Former Santa Maria Indians coaches form their own team: the Packers. Here's a first look at the new team's logo, roster, and schedule
Jan 02, 2008 'Everyone needs help'
Local volunteers find their unpaid efforts are time well-spent in helping the community
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